The mission of the Student Internship Program of the Mental Health Center of Passaic is to provide an enriched clinical training experience focusing on building clinical and cultural competency for students preparing for a career in mental health.

The fundamental concepts that direct the internship programs are:

  1. Community Collaboration
  2. Cultural Competence
  3. Client Driven
  4. Family Driven
  5. Wellness and Resilience Focused

We offer internships for counseling and social work master’s degree students seeking placement in an outpatient counseling setting.


The program offers support for your growth as a professional through:

  • Exposure and consultation on delivery of evidence-based practices
  • Onsite experienced clinical supervisors that will provide individual supervision
  • Reflective Practice consultations
  • Respect for your unique contributions and your own learning style
  • Manageable challenges to help you find your clinical edge without feeling overwhelmed


Each intern will serve as the primary therapist of their own caseload. Intern’s will interface with clients who present with the full spectrum of mental health disorders. Interns will gain experience as primary therapists and case managers by:

  • Performing intakes and psycho-social evaluations
  • Providing crisis intervention and outreach to clients
  • Providing psychotherapeutic treatment and counseling
  • Creating evidence-based treatment plans to meet each clients needs
  • Experience providing services to a multicultural population


To apply please click here please attach resume, cover letter and reference

Internship applications are reviewed on a rolling basis

Please note that we only offer master’s level internships to those who are able to commit to completing both internship I & II with us, practicum commitment is a plus. Spanish speaking candidates preferred.

We also have a limited number of bachelor level internships available.

Internship Application…let’s get started!

To inquire about current internship opportunities please email Anna Sumerlin, the Director of the Internship training program at


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